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10 June 2020


Art-in-Public-Space projects and festivals of light are responding with great flexibility to the Corona pandemic. Other than concerts and theater performances which gather large groups of visitors in one place or under one roof, festivals of light are decentral exhibition formats. Most of them develop trails throughout the city’s center to host light installations, lighting design interventions or light-responsive artwork. Working with a broad variety of sites, they spread across a quarter or a district, some in walking distance, some along bike trails, other to be reached by public or private transport. These kinds of temporary art-in-public-space projects are developed to respond to urban situations, social encounters and societal being, but caring for physical distance is a built-in quality.

In the recent weeks, art-in-public-space projects and festivals of light developed measures and strategies to enlarge the spatial framework of the exhibitions allowing visitors to care for physical distance, to expand their timeframes to distribute the numbers of visitors over a longer duration, to explore hybrid models of onsite and online mediation. As well they started experimenting with new forms of remote productions for site-specific and context-conditioned or co-operative artwork. Although most of them are temporary art events, they consider hosting permanent artwork in public space that can be experienced even in times of person-to-person contact restrictions. The transition measures need additional resources in the form of budget, competencies, and tools, but artists, curators, and producers are sure that with collective efforts, they can timely be back in public space.


6.00 pm to 8.00n pm CET

Who is doing what in these unprecedented days?

In astronomy, FIRST LIGHT refers to the first use of a telescope or a new instrument. In the international scene of light art projects in public space and festivals of light, this FIRST LIGHTS meet-up gathers artists, curators, and producers that responded timely to the “new normal” after the Corona break-down and found solutions to have their projects up in spite of the NO-C directives: no crowd, no close-contact, no contagion. We want to exchange and discuss how to move on in this new situation.

Katarina Mirovic, SVETLOBNA GVERILA Ljubljana
Andrea Moeller, LUNA Leeuwarden
Aleksandra Stratimirovic, SKOPJE LIGHT ART DISTRICT Skopje
Martine Tritthart, Vienna

Bettina Pelz, Simone Schimpf

Public talk on the future conditions of art in public space and festivals of light after the Corona crash

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